Cross Country Ski Ontario is the first Nordiq Canada member to make the following policies mandatory for its clubs. If you are in Ontario, the policies must be fully implemented within three months of logging into Zone 4 for your new membership season or November 1, 2023, whichever is later. Clubs in other provinces and territories will implement the policies for the 2024-2025 membership year unless your Division already has a mandatory policy suite. Your Division will provide more information to you over the next year 

As part of implementing the policies, you will need to download the policies, add your club’s name where indicated, and upload the policies to your website. Cross Country Ski Ontario prepared this guide for customizing policies. Start preparing for full implementation now. Pay particular attention to the time it will take you to implement the Screening Policy.

Your Division is a valuable resource for clubs looking for help implementing SafeSport policies and practices and growing positive cultures.